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Table of Contents

Heaven and Earth: From the Guest Editors

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pp. 5-39

Queer Theory and Native Studies: The Heteronormativity of Settler Colonialism

pp. 42-68

Doubleweaving Two-Spirit Critiques: Building Alliances between Native and Queer Studies

pp. 69-92

My Father, Cynthia Conroy

pp. 93-103

Settler Homonationalism: Theorizing Settler Colonialism within Queer Modernities

pp. 105-131

Suspicioning: Imagining a Debate between Those Who Get Confused, and Those Who Don't, When They Read Critical Responses to the Poems of Joy Harjo, or What's an Old-Timey Gay Boy Like Me to Do?

pp. 133-155

Visible Sexualities or Invisible Nations: Forced to Choose in Big Eden, Johnny Greyeyes, and The Business of Fancydancing

pp. 157-181

Poetry and Sexuality: Running Twin Rails

pp. 183-189

"And through its naming became owner": Translation in James Thomas Stevens's Tokinish

pp. 191-206

Notes toward a Theory of Anomaly

pp. 207-242

Puo'winue'l Prayers: Readings from North America's First Transtextual Script

pp. 243-252

Extermination of the Joyas: Gendercide in Spanish California

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Book Review

Religion, Identity, and Political Engagement in the United States

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Books in Brief


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Not Quite Enough Trouble with Normal

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"Not Simple Homophobia": African Same-Sex Desires, Politics, and the Limit of Homosexual Rights

pp. 315-317

Sacred Sex: A Most Divine Love

pp. 318-321

Desire. Trust. Escape!

pp. 321-323

Commemoration and Queer Migration

pp. 323-325

"The Future Historical Perspective": Miéville's Queer Durée

pp. 326-329

A New Queer Companion for the Classroom

pp. 330-332

Queering Diversity?

pp. 333-335

About the Contributors

About the Contributors

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