Volume 29, Number 2, Summer 1999

Table of Contents

From: Theater

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  Up Front

pp. 2-3


  Jerzy Grotowski, 1933-1999

pp. 4-15

  Jerzy Grotowski: Ascetic and Smuggler

pp. 10-15

Speaking of American Theater

  The Rats down the Walls Story

pp. 17-25

  Tradition and the Individual Talent

pp. 26-33

  You Must Translate

pp. 32-33

  Experimental Theater Is History!: The Photo and Infinite Play

pp. 34-43

  Parody and Parity: The Guerrilla Girls, Interviewed by Alisa Solomon

pp. 45-55

  Near and Far: David Greenspan's Dramatic Vision

pp. 57-59

  The Myopia: An Epic Burlesque of Tragic Proportion

pp. 61-97

  George Tabori and the Jewish Question

pp. 98-107

  My Mother's Courage

pp. 109-129

  On Site: Kyle Chepulis, Interviewed by Jonathan Shandell

pp. 131-137

  Oedipus and Other Impracticalities

pp. 138-145

  Government of Clowns: The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Interviewed by Annie Dorsen

pp. 147-153


  Heiner Muller: A German Proteus

pp. 154-157

  Hauptmann contra Fuegi

pp. 157-159

  Chekhov in Performance

pp. 159-161

  Generous Acts, Critical Interventions

pp. 161-163

  Shepard Revisited

pp. 164-166


pp. iii-v