free access   Volume 4, 2009

Table of Contents


free access   Preface: War/Time

pp. ix-xiv

Legacies of Sovereignty

free access   The Filmic Time of Coloniality: On Shinkai Makoto’s The Place Promised in Our Early Days

pp. 3-18

free access   Theorizing Manga: Nationalism and Discourse on the Role of Wartime Manga

pp. 20-37

free access   Transcending the Victim’s History: Takahata Isao’s Grave of the Fireflies

pp. 39-52

Control Room

free access   Gothic Politics: Oshii, War, and Life without Death

pp. 55-73

free access   Oshii Mamoru’s Patlabor 2: Terror, Theatricality, and Exceptions That Prove the Rule

pp. 75-109

free access   Waiting for the Messiah: The Becoming-Myth of Evangelion and Densha otoko

pp. 111-129

free access   War by Metaphor in Densha otoko

pp. 131-146


free access   Imagined History, Fading Memory: Mastering Narrative in Final Fantasy X

pp. 149-162

free access   Haunted Travelogue: Hometowns, Ghost Towns, and Memories of War

pp. 164-181

free access   Three Views of the Rising Sun, Obliquely: Keiji Nakazawa’s A-bomb, Osamu Tezuka’s Adolf, and Yoshinori Kobayashi’s Apologia

pp. 183-196

free access   Virtual Creation, Simulated Destruction, and Manufactured Memory at the Art Mecho Museum in Second Life

pp. 198-210

Genre Violence

free access   Ninja, Hidden Christians, and the Two Ferreiras: On Endō Shūsaku and Yamada Fūtarō

pp. 213-223

free access   Monsters at War: The Great Yōkai Wars, 1968–2005

pp. 225-239

free access   From Jusuheru to Jannu: Girl Knights and Christian Witches in the Work of Miuchi Suzue

pp. 241-256


free access   Empire through the Eyes of a Yapoo: Male Abjection in the Cult Classic Beast Yapoo

pp. 259-273

free access   Nippon ex Machina: Japanese Postwar Identity in Robot Anime and the Case of UFO Robo Grendizer

pp. 275-288

free access   Kobayashi Yoshinori Is Dead: Imperial War / Sick Liberal Peace / Neoliberal Class War

pp. 290-303

free access   Manga: A Comic Interlude from Darumasan-ga-koronda, “Land Mine in Central Park”

pp. 305-312

Review and Commentary

free access   Two Phases of Japanese Illustrated Fiction

pp. 313-315

free access   Paradise Lost . . . and Found?

pp. 315-318

free access   Molten Hot: Japanese Gal Subcultures and Fashions

pp. 318-321

free access   Monstrous Toys of Capitalism

pp. 321-323

free access   If Casshern Doesn’t Do It, Who Will?

pp. 323-326

free access   Psychoanalytic Cyberpunk Midsummer-Night’s Dreamtime: Kon Satoshi’s Paprika

pp. 326-329

free access   Interview with Murase Shūkō and Satō Dai

pp. 329-334


free access   Contributors

pp. 335-337