restricted access   Volume 43, Number 1, Winter 2009

Table of Contents

Sharing Authority: Community-University Collaboration in Oral History, Digital Storytelling, and Engaged Scholarship

Le partage de l’autorité : Collaboration universités-communautés par le biais de l’histoire orale, des récits numérisés, et de l’érudition engagée

Guest Editors: Steven High, Lisa Ndejuru, and Kristen O’Hare

Sharing Authority as Deep Listening and Sharing the Load

pp. 5-11

Sharing Authority: An Introduction

pp. 12-34

The Practice of History Shared across Differences: Needs, Technologies, and Ways of Knowing in the Megaprojects New Media Project

pp. 35-58

Building Participation in the Outreach for the Documentary The Water Front

pp. 59-86

Representation in Participatory Video: Some Considerations from Research with Métis in British Columbia

pp. 87-108

Digital Storytelling and Implicated Scholarship in the Classroom

pp. 109-130

Le projet d’histoire du travail au Nouveau-Brunswick et la communauté du Madawaska : comment construire des partenariats durables

pp. 131-153

“They Have All Been Faithful Workers”: Injured Workers, Truth, and Workers’ Compensation in Ontario, 1970–2008

pp. 154-185

“Life is Sweet”: Vulnerability and Composure in the Wartime Narratives of Japanese Canadians

pp. 186-218

Sharing Authority with Baba

pp. 219-238

Conversations for the Real World: Shared Authority, Self-Reflexivity, and Process in the Oral History Interview

pp. 239-258

New Books

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pp. 261-263