restricted access   Volume 42, Number 3, Fall 2008

Table of Contents

Transcendent Citizenship: Suffrage, the National Council of Women of Canada, and the Politics of Organized Womanhood

pp. 5-27

Chinese Immigration to Western Manitoba Since 1884: Wah Hep, George Chong, the KMT, and the United Church

pp. 28-54

“Thanks be to God that I am Elected to Canada”: The Formulation of the Black Canadian Jeremiad, 1830–61

pp. 55-79

A Long-Standing Canadian Tradition: Citizenship Revocation and Second-Class Citizenship under the Liberals, 1993–2006

pp. 80-105

The Genealogy of Stereotypes: French Canadians in Two English-language Canadian History Textbooks

pp. 106-132

Wildlifewriting?: Animal Stories and Indigenous Claims in Ernest Thompson Seton’s Wild Animals I Have Known

pp. 133-149

Inside and Outside the Hyena’s Belly: Nega Mezlekia and the Politics of Time and Authorship

pp. 150-171

Uneasy Abolitionists: Canada, the Death Penalty, and the Importance of International Norms, 1962–2005

pp. 172-192


Nature and Nation: Recent Books in Canadian Environmental History

pp. 193-207

Philosophy and the Canadian Public: Which Philosphy? Which Public? Why Canada?

pp. 208-216

Durant la traversée : approches de la traduction dans Making the Scene de Louise Ladouceur et Translating Montreal de Sherry Simon

pp. 217-226

Regulation and the History of Psychoactive Substances in Canada

pp. 227-233

New Books

New Books

pp. 234-235



pp. 236-237