restricted access   Volume 42, Number 2, Spring 2008

Table of Contents

A Critical Interrogation of Contemporary Discourses of Physical (In)Activity amongst Canadian Children: Back to the Future

pp. 5-42

Searching for Our Alma Maters: Women Professors in Canadian Fiction Written by Women

pp. 43-72

Quests versus Transgressive Journeys: Contradictions of Female and National Identity in Marian Engel’s Monodromos and The Glassy Sea

pp. 73-92

Strategic Donations: Women and Museums in New Brunswick, 1862–1930

pp. 93-116

Repertoire and Reception: Radio and Music in St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1930–45

pp. 117-139

Twice Born: The Origins of the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), 1982–86

pp. 140-159

The October Crisis of 1970: Human Rights Abuses Under the War Measures Act

pp. 160-186

Reflections on the Silver Age of Canadian Diplomacy: The Memoirs of Three Canadian Diplomats

pp. 187-196

Nécessaires tentacules: Questions disciplinaires sur l’objet “environnement”

pp. 197-203

Le projet révolutionnaire de Wittig: Écrire l’inter-dit. La subversion formelle dans l’oeuvre de Monique Wittig, de Dominique Bourque

pp. 204-207

New Books

New Books

pp. 208-209



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