restricted access   Volume 1, 2008

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

pp. vii-xii

Research Articles

Beyond Participant Observation: Collaborative Ethnography as Theoretical Innovation

pp. 1-31

"Side by Side or Facing One Another": Writing and Collaborative Ethnography in Comparative Perspective

pp. 32-50

Caught in Collaboration

pp. 51-80

Collaboration Today and the Re-Imagination of the Classic Scene of Fieldwork Encounter

pp. 81-101

Challenging Hegemonies: Advancing Collaboration in Community-Based Participatory Action Research

pp. 102-137

"You Can't Put a Price On It": Activist Anthropology in the Mountaintop Removal Debate

pp. 138-162

Reflection and Commentary

Reflections on Collaboration, Ethnographic and Applied

pp. 163-174

Collaborative Anthropology as Twenty-first-Century Ethical Anthropology

pp. 175-182

Book Reviews

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Native Peoples and Archaeology in the Northeastern United States (review)

pp. 183-186

Collaboration in Archaeological Practice: Engaging Descendant Communities (review)

pp. 187-191

Being Lakota: Identity and Tradition on Pine Ridge Reservation (review)

pp. 192-196

Fieldwork Connections: The Fabric of Ethnographic Collaboration in China and America (review)

pp. 196-201

Writing in the San/d: Autoethnography among Indigenous Southern Africans (review)

pp. 201-205

World Anthropologies: Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power (review)

pp. 205-210