restricted access   Volume 21, Number 4, Winter 2009

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Lincoln and Cultural Value: A Forum

Most of the following essays and responses were given at the University of Illinois (Urbana- Champaign) in November of 2008 as part of the statewide celebration of the Lincoln Bicentennial. We thank the Provost’s office at the University for its support of this symposium.

— GH

Hearing Lincoln and the Making of Eloquence

pp. 687-724

Lincoln and the Forms of Legal Rhetoric: A Response to Robert A. Ferguson

pp. 725-729

Lincoln’s Dred Scott: Contesting the Declaration of Independence

pp. 730-751

A Response to John Burt

pp. 752-756

“The Best Circus in Town”: Embodied Theatrics in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

pp. 757-787

A Response to Gillian Silverman

pp. 788-792

“All the Men of Great Affairs”: The Barnard Statue, Manchester Liberalism, and Lincoln Intellectual History

pp. 793-809

The Headless Prime Minister and Other Tales: A Response to Anthony Hutchison

pp. 810-817

The Literature of “British America”

pp. 818-835

How to Do Time with Texts

pp. 836-844

The History of Reading and the Death of the Text

pp. 845-858

Re-Centering the Center

pp. 859-868

The Ends of Obscenity

pp. 869-876

Warring Desires: The Future of Jewish-American Literature

pp. 877-890

The Empire at Home and the Empire Abroad

pp. 891-901

Turning Southward: Sons Journeying Home

pp. 902-922

African-American Literary Studies and the Legacies of Black Nationalism

pp. 923-937

Poetry and the Age

pp. 938-948

Forthcoming: Volume 22, Number 1

p. 949