Editor, Literary Issues

Donald F. Moores, Ph.D.

University of North Florida
Department of Exceptional Student and Deaf Education
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone 904-620-2930

Business and Editorial Office

Gallaudet University Press
Denison House
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
202 651-5488 (V/T) 202 651-5489 (Fax) gupress@gallaudet.edu

Editorial Board

Thomas Allen, Gallaudet University
Glenn Anderson, University of Arkansas
Jean Andrews, Lamar University
Kathleen Amos, Gallaudet University
Kathee Christiansen, San Diego State University
Edward Corbett, Ohio School for the Deaf
Susan Easterbrooks, Georgia State University
Robert Hoffmeister, Boston University
Thomas Kluwin, Gallaudet University
John Luckner, University of Northern Colorado
Connie Mayer, York University
Margery Silberman Miller, Gallaudet University
Peter Paul, Ohio State University
Claudia Pagliaro, University of Pittsburgh
Des Power, Griffith University
Len Roberson, University of Florida
Susan Rose, University of Minnesota
John Schroedel, University of Arkansas
McCay Vernon, Florida