restricted access   Volume 18, Number 2, 2009

Table of Contents

Cover Article

Balancing War Powers in an Age of Terror

pp. 1-9

Symposium: National Security, Democracy, and the Rule of Law

Slow Down the Political Response to a Perceived Crisis

pp. 10-13

Settled Law in Unsettling Times: A Lockean View of the War on Terror

pp. 14-19

Locke and the Challenges of Crisis Government

pp. 20-25

Symposium: Beyond Utopophobia

Introduction: Beyond Utopophobia

pp. 26-27

Epistemic Value and Deliberative Democracy

pp. 28-34

The Global Reach of Democratic Ideals: Universal Implications of Procedure-Independent Values

pp. 35-40

On Democracy's Epistemic Value

pp. 41-47

Questions About Normative Consent

pp. 48-53

Foresight, Epistemic Reliability and the Systematic Underestimation of Risk

pp. 54-61

Featured Article

Rethinking Gender in U.S. Housing Policy

pp. 62-68

Book in Review

Review of Donald C. Hodges' Deep Republicanism: Prelude to Professionalism

pp. 69-72

A PEGS Reader: Recent and Recommended Books

pp. 73-74