restricted access   Volume 50, Number 6, November/December 2009

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From: Journal of College Student Development

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Understanding the Development of the Whole Person

pp. 573-575

Identity Development Theories in Student Affairs: Origins, Current Status, and New Approaches

pp. 577-596

Principles of Development and Developmental Change Underlying Theories of Cognitive and Moral Development

pp. 597-620

The Activity of Meaning Making: A Holistic Perspective on College Student Development

pp. 621-639

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Future Directions for Diversity Research in Student Affairs

pp. 640-658

An Examination of Persistence Research Through the Lens of a Comprehensive Conceptual Framework

pp. 659-682

What Student Affairs Professionals Need to Know About Student Engagement

pp. 683-706

Reflections by Past Editors

Looking Forward

pp. 707-709

Reflections on 1989-1994

pp. 710-711

A Legacy of Scholarship in Which Every Student Affairs Professional Can Be Proud

pp. 712-714

The Scholarly Leadership of Editorial Board Members

pp. 715-716