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From: Technology and Culture

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pp. 623-637

Organizational Notes: The Baltimore Meeting, 15-18 October 1998

pp. 638-647


When Computers Were Women

pp. 455-483

Ski-Dogs, Pol-Cats, and the Mechanization of Winter: The Development of Recreational Snowmobiling in North America

pp. 484-516

System in the South: John W. Mallet, Josiah Gorgas, and Uniform Production at the Confederate Ordnance Department

pp. 517-544

Mulholland Highway and the Engineering Culture of Los Angeles in the 1920s

pp. 545-575

Research Note

Longbow and Hackbutt: Weapons Technology and Technology Transfer in Early Modern England

pp. 576-593

On the Cover

Kill Devil Hills, 17 December 1903

pp. 595-598

Review Essay

A history of modern European technology: the Propyläen Technikgeschichte

pp. 599-606

Presidential Address

No Mere Technicalities: How Things Work and Why It Matters

pp. 607-622

Book Reviews

Major Problems in the History of American Technology (review)

pp. 648-650

Maps and Politics

pp. 650-652

Cats' Paws and Catapults: Mechanical Worlds of Nature and People (review)

pp. 652-654

Historical Archaeology and the Study of American Culture

pp. 654-655

Gendered Practices: Feminist Studies of Technology and Society

pp. 655-657

The Engineering of Medieval Cathedrals

pp. 657-658

Technology and Resource Use in Medieval Europe: Cathedrals, Mills, and Mines

pp. 659-660

Territorial Ambitions and the Gardens of Versailles

pp. 660-662

Jefferson's Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767-1826

pp. 662-664

Controlling from Afar: The Daoguang Emperor's Management of the Grand Canal Crisis, 1824-1826

pp. 664-666

American Railroads

pp. 666-667

Bayerns Weg zur Eisenbahn: Joseph von Baader und die Fruhzeit der Eisenbahn in Bayern 1800 bis 1835

pp. 667-669

Capitalism, Politics, and Railroads in Prussia, 1830-1870

pp. 669-671

Lightning Wires: The Telegraph and China's Technological Modernization, 1860-1890

pp. 671-673

Colonialism, Chemical Technology, and Industry in Southern India, 1880-1937

pp. 673-675

Cuban Sugar in the Age of Mass Production: Technology and the Economics of the Sugar Central, 1899-1929

pp. 675-677

The Rational Factory: Architecture, Technology, and Work in America's Age of Mass Production

pp. 677-679

Productivity and Performance in the Paper Industry: Labour, Capital, and Technology in Britain and America, 1860-1914

pp. 679-681

The Engine That Could: 75 Years of Values-Driven Change at Cummins Engine Company

pp. 681-683

Networks of Innovation: Vaccine Development at Merck, Sharp & Dohme, and Mulford, 1895-1995

pp. 683-684

Endless Frontier: Vannevar Bush, Engineer of the American Century

pp. 685-686

Sparks and Flames: Ignition in Engines--An Historical Approach

pp. 687-688

A History of Aerodynamics and Its Impact on Flying Machines

pp. 688-690

BTechnologies, Ideologies, Pratiques: Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances 13, no. 1 (1998). Concevoir et construire les navires: de la triere au picoteux

pp. 690-692

The Winning Edge: Naval Technology in Action, 1939-1945

pp. 692-693

The Invention of Communication

pp. 694-695

Ma Kiley: The Life of a Railroad Telegrapher

pp. 696-697

J.M.W. Turner: Romantic Painter of the Industrial Revolution, and: John Ferguson Weir: The Labor of Art

pp. 697-700

The Engine of Visualization: Thinking Through Photography

pp. 701-702

Burning with Desire: The Conception of Photography

pp. 702-705

Real Fantasies: Edward Steichen's Advertising Photography

pp. 705-707

Cinema and the Invention of Modern Life

pp. 707-709

Any Sound You Can Imagine: Making Music/Consuming Technology

pp. 709-711

Karaoke Around the World: Global Technology, Local Singing

pp. 711-713

Rethinking Home Economics: Women and the History of a Profession

pp. 713-715

Artistry and Ingenuity in Artificial Stone: Indiana's Concrete Bridges, 1900-1942

pp. 715-716

Drawing Blood: Technology and Disease Identity in Twentieth-Century America

pp. 716-718

Rationalizing Medical Work: Decision-Support Techniques and Medical Practices

pp. 719-720

Brainchildren: Essays on Designing Minds

pp. 720-722