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Table of Contents


Archibald MacLeish and Professional Leadership

pp. 1-24

Fatherhood in Confessional Poetry: One Facet of Men’s Autobiographical Writing

pp. 25-45

Roger Prim, Gentleman: Gender, Pragmatism, and the Strange Career of John Crowe Ransom

pp. 46-74

Beyond “Authenticity”: Migration and the Epistemology of “Voice” in Mary Prince’s History of Mary Prince and Maryse Condé’s I, Tituba

pp. 75-99

The Penelopiad and Weight: Contemporary Parodic and Burlesque Transformations of Classical Myths

pp. 100-118

Godwin’s Caleb Williams: “A Half-Told and Mangled Tale”

pp. 119-146

Work and Class in the Box Store University: Autobiographies of Working-Class Academics

pp. 147-178

Mad Girls’ Love Songs: Two Women Poets—a Professor and Graduate Student—Discuss Sylvia Plath, Angst, and the Poetics of Female Adolescence

pp. 179-207

Review Essays

Twenty-First Century Melville

pp. 209-218

Teaching Careers and Teaching Expertise

pp. 219-227

Book Reviews

Blake’s Poetry and Designs: A Norton Critical Edition (review)

pp. 229-231

Doing Emotion: Rhetoric, Writing, Teaching (review)

pp. 232-234

Feminist Auteurs: Reading Women’s Films (review)

pp. 234-237


Books Received

pp. 239-241