restricted access   Volume 25, Number 2, Fall 2009

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-4


Feminist Forerunners and a Usable Past: A Historiography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's The Woman's Bible

pp. 5-23

Mesoamerican Women's Indigenous Spirituality: Decolonizing Religious Beliefs

pp. 25-45

Miss Elsa and the Veil: Honor, Shame, and Identity Negotiations

pp. 47-66

Religion and Politics

Detranscendentalizing Decisionism: Political Theology after Gayatri Spivak

pp. 67-85

In a Different Voice

Joyful Noise

p. 87

On the Way to Emmaus

p. 88

Cihuacuicatl, or Song of Women

p. 89

Preservation of Rare Languages

pp. 90-91

Roundtable Discussion: Feminist Biblical Studies

Dialogical Beginnings: A Conversation on the Future of Feminist Biblical Studies

pp. 93-103

Transatlantic Reflections: Contesting the Margins and Transgressing Boundaries in the Age of AIDS

pp. 103-107

Challenges and Opportunities in Current Feminist Biblical Studies

pp. 107-112

The Next Step: Making Feminist Concerns Part of the Academic Structure

pp. 112-117

Challenges and Opportunities in Feminist Theology and Biblical Studies in Europe

pp. 117-121

Sociogeographical and Hermeneutical Differences: Challenges and Opportunities in Contemporary Feminist Biblical Studies

pp. 121-125

Roundtable on the Future of Feminist Biblical Studies

pp. 125-129

Outside Insiders and the Future of Feminist Biblical Studies

pp. 129-133

Feminist Biblical Studies: Resident Alien Seeking Citizen

pp. 133-137

Changing the World: The Task of Feminist Biblical Scholars

pp. 137-143


Notes on Contributors

pp. 145-149