restricted access   Volume 14, Number 2, Autumn 2009

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Introduction: The Bridge of Translation

pp. 1-5

Family Letters

pp. 6-14

Letters from Budapest (Budapesti Napló)

pp. 15-20

A Glass of Ocean

pp. 21-22

From Word to Image: Visual Midrash

pp. 23-26

My Year with Regina Jonas

pp. 27-31

Two Unpublished Texts: Another Tale of the Baal Shem and A Human Fable

pp. 32-41

Don't Sing, Little Bird

pp. 42-43

Finding My Vey: Dilemmas of a Feminist Yiddishist Translator

pp. 44-55

Innovation and Tradition: Translating Yona Wallach & Rivka Miriam (And Me)

pp. 56-74

Cognative Dissonance

pp. 75-77

"Rich with this Tradition": Ghetto Poetry

pp. 78-83

מײדל מיט בײגל

pp. 84-86

Girl With Bagel

pp. 85-87

מײדל אָן זײף

pp. 88-90

Girl Without Soap

pp. 88-90

איבער נאַכט

p. 92


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Translating Agi Mishol and Nurit Zarchi

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The News

pp. 114-115

My Father

pp. 116-122

The Woman Without A Head

pp. 123-128

Between Mountains

pp. 129-132

Words on the Thirteenth Month of Samuel

pp. 133-134


Hovering at a Low Altitude: The Collected Poetry of Dahlia Ravikovitch (review)

pp. 135-139

The Torah: A Women's Commentary (review)

pp. 140-145

Harvest of Blossoms: Poems from a Life Cut Short (review)

pp. 145-151

Translation Bookshelf

Translation Bookshelf

p. 152

Lea Goldberg: Selected Poetry and Drama (review)

pp. 152-153

Drunk from the Bitter Truth: The Poems of Anna Margolin (review)

p. 153

The Spectacular Difference: Selected poems by Zelda (review)

p. 153

A House with Seven Windows: Short Stories (review)

p. 154

The Dance of the Demons (review)

p. 154

Arguing with the Storm: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers (review)

p. 155

The House of Memory: Stories by Jewish Women Writers of Latin America (review)

p. 155

Beautiful as the Moon, Radiant as the Stars: Jewish Women in Yiddish Stories: An Anthology (review)

pp. 155-156

With an Iron Pen: Twenty Years of Hebrew Protest Poetry (review)

p. 156

A Sea of Voices: Women Poets in Israel (review)

p. 156



pp. 157-162