Volume 5, Numbers 1 & 2, Spring & Fall 2009

Table of Contents

  Text and Context: Paula Meehan

pp. 5-16

  Unfinished Business: The Communal Art of Paula Meehan

pp. 17-24

  It takes trees in summer

pp. 25-26

  City Centre

pp. 27-33

  In Dublin's Fair City: Citified Embodiments in Paula Meehan's Urban Landscapes

pp. 34-49

  The Apparitions of "Our Lady of the Facts of Life": Paula Meehan and the Visionary Quotidian

pp. 50-64

  "None of us well fixed": Empathy and its Aesthetic Power in Paula Meehan's Poetry

pp. 65-74

  "Sharing Our Differences": Individuality and Community in the Early Work of Paula Meehan

pp. 75-89

  "Snatch a song from a stranger's mouth": The Stage Plays and Radio Dramas of Paula Meehan

pp. 90-113

  "Transforming that Past": The Healing Power of Dreams in Paula Meehan's Poetry

pp. 114-126

  A Way of Going Back: Memory and Estrangement in the Poetry of Paula Meehan

pp. 127-139

  Painting Rain for Paula Meehan

pp. 140-141

  Memory, Poetry, and Recovery: Paula Meehan's Transformational Aesthetics

pp. 142-155

  The Wolf Tree: Culture and Nature in Paula Meehan's Dharmakaya and Painting Rain

pp. 156-168

  The Lyricism of Abjection in Paula Meehan's Drama of Imprisonment

pp. 169-179

  "Act Locally, Think Globally": Paula Meehan's Local Commitment and Global Consciousness

pp. 180-193

  Why California Will Never Be Like Tuscany

p. 194

  "A Murmuration of Starlings in a Rowan Tree": Finding Gary Snyder in Paula Meehan's Eco-Political Poetics

pp. 195-207

  Two Translations

pp. 208-212

  "Hear Me and Have Pity": Rewriting Elegy in the Poetry of Paula Meehan

pp. 213-225

  Meehan's Stanzas and the Irish Lyric After Yeats

pp. 226-238

  The Body Politic: A Conversation with Paula Meehan

pp. 239-271

  Paula Meehan: A Selected Bibliography

pp. 272-301

Book Reviews

  Wexford and Arcady, and: Askeaton Sequence (review)

pp. 302-306

  A Tour of Your Country (review)

pp. 306-309

  Ancestor Worship (review)

pp. 309-312

  Daphnis & Ratboy (review)

pp. 312-314

  Doing the Same in English: A Sampler of Work 1987-2008 (review)

pp. 314-317

  Painting Silence in the World

pp. 318-320



pp. 321-325