restricted access   Volume 45, Number 4 (T 172), Winter 2001

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From: TDR: The Drama Review

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TDR Comment: Two or Three Questions for Rene Major and Jacques Derrida

pp. 5-6

The Black Dandyism of George Walker: A Case Study of Genealogical Method

pp. 7-24

The Hawaiification of Sipsongbanna: Orality, Power, and Cultural Survival in Southwest China

pp. 25-41

At Play in the Cosmos: The Theatre and Ritual of Nicolas Nunez

pp. 42-63

Turning the Neighborhood Inside Out: Imagining a New Detroit in Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project

pp. 64-93

Performances of Self-Disclosure: A Personal History

pp. 94-105

Gay Priest Resigns in Protest: Letter to the Editor

p. 97

from At Odds With Church Over Sexuality

p. 99

Desdemona's Lament

pp. 106-124

Broadway: A Theatre Historian's Perspective

pp. 125-128

The Metonymy of Art: Vietnamese Water Puppetry As a Representation of Modern Vietnam

pp. 129-141

The Simplest Surrealist Act: Valerie Solanas and the (Re)Assertion of Avantgarde Priorities

pp. 142-162

Up Your Ass

pp. 152-153


Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire (review)

pp. 163-164

Drama, Performance, and Polity in Pre-Cromwellian Ireland (review)

pp. 165-167

Jose, Can You See?: Latinos On and Off Broadway, and: Latinas On Stage (review)

pp. 167-171

The Situationist City, and: Guy Debord (review)

pp. 171-175