restricted access   Volume 44, Number 4 (T 168), Winter 2000

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From: TDR: The Drama Review

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TDR Comment: Performance As a "Formation of Power and Knowledge"

pp. 5-7


The Biomechanics of Aggression: Psychophysiological Conditioning in Ulster's Loyalist Parades

pp. 9-30

Re: Blau, Butler, Beckett, and the Politics of Seeming

pp. 31-43

After Appropriation

pp. 44-55

The Deep Order Called Turbulence: The Three Faces of Dramaturgy

pp. 56-66

Sexual Spectacles: Theatricality and the Performance of Sex in Early Encounters in the Pacific

pp. 67-85

Power and Problems of Performance across Ethnic Lines: An Alternative Approach to Nontraditional Casting

pp. 86-95

"Reform" at the Shanghai Jingju Company and Its Impact on Creative Authority and Repertory

pp. 96-119

Critical Art Ensemble

Nomadmedia: On Critical Art Ensemble

pp. 120-131

Critical Art Ensemble Timeline

pp. 132-135

Critical Art Ensemble: Tactical Media Practitioners

pp. 136-150

Recombinant Theatre and Digital Resistance

pp. 151-166

Performing a Cult

pp. 167-173


Spectacular Suffering: Theatre, Fascism, and the Holocaust, and: Staging the Holocaust: The Shoah in Drama and Performance (review)

pp. 174-178

Chinese Theatre and the Actor in Performance (review)

pp. 179-181

Staging Strikes: Workers' Theatre and the American Labor Movement, and: Stepping Left: Dance and Politics in New York City, 1928-1942, and: Striking Performances: Performing Strikes (review)

pp. 182-187