restricted access   Issue 94/95 (Volume 30, Number 1&2), 2001

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Special Issue: On the Origin of Fictions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives


pp. 3-5

I. Formulations

Does Beauty Build Adapted Minds? Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Aesthetics, Fiction, and the Arts

pp. 6-27

The Evolution of Imagination: An Archaeological Perspective

pp. 28-54

Literature and Evolution

pp. 55-71

II. Explorations

The Neurology of Narrative

pp. 72-84

Becoming Homo Aestheticus : Sources of Aesthetic Imagination in Mother-Infant Interactions

pp. 85-103

Dreams: The Royal Road to Metaphor

pp. 104-118

The Epilogue of Suffering: Heroism, Empathy, Ethics

pp. 119-143

III. Reconsiderations

Desiring Agency: Limiting Metaphors and Enabling Constraints in Dawkins and Deleuze/Guattari

pp. 144-159

Cultural Texts and Endopsychic Scripts

pp. 160-176

Why and How to Take the Fruit and Leave the Chaff

pp. 177-198


pp. 199-202

Humanists, Scientists, and the Cultural Surplus

pp. 203-219

Transcending Biological and Social Reductionism

pp. 220-235

"If You Depict a Bird, Give it Space to Fly": Eastern Psychologies, the Arts, and Self-Knowledge

pp. 236-253


Potentialities (review)

pp. 254-258

Sade: The Invention of the Libertine Body (review)

pp. 258-261

What Is A Woman?: And Other Essays (review)

pp. 262-266

L'Arbre de Cracovie: Le mythe polonais dans la litterature francaise (review)

pp. 266-271


pp. 277-278