Number 9 (Volume 5, Number 1), March 2001

Table of Contents

From: Small Axe

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Special Issue: The Caribbean Popular

Guest Editor: Nadi Edwards

  Don Drummond Series


  Preface: Talking About Culture: Re-thinking the Popular

pp. v-viii

  The Calypsonian as Artist: Freedom and Responsibility

pp. 1-26

  Technology Constructing Culture: Tracking Soca's First "Post-"

pp. 27-43

  Shakespeare, Other Shakespeares and West Indian Popular Culture: A Reading of the Erotics of Errantry and Rebellion in Troilus and Cressida

pp. 44-69

  Raggamuffin Cultural Studies: X-Press Novels' Yardies and Cop Killers Put Britain on Trial

pp. 70-96

  Aunt(y) Jemima in Spiritual Baptist Experience in Toronto: Spiritual Mother or Servile Woman?

pp. 97-122

  Caribbean Pop Culture in Canada; Or, the Impossibility of Belonging to the Nation

pp. 123-139

  "Notting Eh Strange": Black Stalin Speaks!

pp. 140-158

  Music Is Made out of Smoke

pp. 159-160


  Uncovered Roots

pp. 161-165

  No More Lonely Londoners

pp. 166-180


pp. 181-182