restricted access   Volume 53, Number 1, March 2001

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From: American Quarterly

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Contesting "The Way the Almighty Wants It": Crafting Memories of Ex-Slaves in the Slave Narrative Collection

pp. 1-31

Nancy Prince and the Politics of Mobility, Home and Diasporic (Mis)Identification

pp. 32-69

Victorian Antigone: Classicism and Women's Education in America, 1840-1900

pp. 70-93

Exhibition Review

The Testifying Eye: Ben Shahn in New York

pp. 94-122

Book Reviews

Gender and the New Liberal Synthesis

pp. 123-130

We Are What and How We Eat

pp. 131-138

Reading Poe, Reading Capitalism

pp. 139-147

Rethinking Early American Colonial Writings

pp. 148-155

Breaking Iron Bonds, Elucidating Fluid Boundaries: "Indians" in American Studies

pp. 156-164

Music, Experience, and History

pp. 165-177

Gay Men and the Rural South: No Contradiction in Terms

pp. 178-184

Agonizing over Indians

pp. 185-191