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From: Southern Cultures

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About the Contributors

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"At Least That's One Confederate Memorial They Can't Tear Down"

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Letters to the Editor

The Dear John Letters

pp. 2-3

Front Porch

Front Porch

pp. 4-7


1001 More Things Everyone Should Know about the South

pp. 8-12

An Episcopalian Imagination

pp. 14-20

"Knock Us Out, John!"

pp. 21-26

The Well Wrought "Durn": A Postmodern Writer in the Southern World

pp. 27-37

Rethinking Southern History

pp. 38-49

The Promise of a Sociology of the South

pp. 50-75


Surveying the South: A Conversation with John Shelton Reed

pp. 76-93

Music Recordings

Loud, Fast & Out of Control (review)

pp. 94-95

South Polls

The Twenty Most Influential Southerners of the Twentieth Century

pp. 96-100

Not Forgotten

If I'd Just Waked Up From a Thirty-six-year Sleep

pp. 102-108