restricted access   Volume 51, Number 3, September 1999

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From: American Quarterly

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"The Foundation of All Future Researches": Franz Boas, Native American Texts, and the Construction of Modernity

pp. 479-528

Negotiated Space: The Black College Campus as a Cultural Record of Postbellum America

pp. 529-579

African American Art and Critical Discourse Between World Wars

pp. 580-621

One Black Allah: The Middle East in the Cultural Politics of African American Liberation, 1955-1970

pp. 622-656

Exhibition Review

"A Business Man's Revolution"

pp. 657-683

Books Reviews

Dark Bodies of Discourse: Nineteenth-Century African American Women and the Power of the Word

pp. 684-692

Come Back to the Text Ag'in, Huck Honey

pp. 693-701

Healing the Vietnam Wound

pp. 702-708

The Cat in the Bank: Consumption and Production in Cultural History

pp. 709-717

Energy, Power and Consumer Culture: Expanding the View

pp. 718-725

American Realism "After" the New Historicism

pp. 726-737

The Prisoner Speaks

pp. 738-744

"The Twentieth Century Way": Entering the World of Public Sexuality

pp. 745-752