restricted access   Volume 51, Number 2, June 1999

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From: American Quarterly

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Guest Editor: Roy Rosenzweig

Crashing the System? Hypertext and Scholarship on American Culture

pp. 237-246

Hypertext Scholarship and Media Studies

pp. 247-249

New Questions for New Media: Scholarly Writing and Online Publishing

pp. 250-253

Mixed Media: Writing Hypertext about Comics

pp. 254-257

Why We Did Not Produce "Dreaming Arnold Schwarzenegger" as a Book, Several Articles, an Encyclopedia, a Video, an Annotated Bibliography, and a Museum Installation (or did we?)

pp. 258-262

Everyone A Reviewer? Problems and Possibilities in Hypertext Scholarship

pp. 263-267

This Site Under Construction

pp. 268-275

The Expressive Shapes of Arguments and Artifacts

pp. 276-282


Computers with Color Monitors: Disembodied Black Screen Images 1988-96

pp. 283-310

Lessons in Geography: Maps, Spellers, and Other Grammars of Nationalism in the Early Republic

pp. 311-343

Victim and Victimizer: Female Fiends and Unease over Marriage in Antebellum Sensational Fiction

pp. 344-384

The Blind Authoress of New York: Helen De Kroyft and the Uses of Disability in Antebellum America

pp. 385-418

Exhibition Reviews

Introduction to Exhibition Reviews: Museum of African American History

p. 419

The Necessity of Remembrance: A Review of the Museum of African American History

pp. 420-425

Of the People

pp. 426-436

Book Reviews

"Undeniably there": rethinking Black presence in the American past

pp. 437-446

Karcher's Romance of the Republic

pp. 447-454

The words of war

pp. 455-460

Inscribing the self

pp. 461-471

Why border matters to American studies

pp. 472-478