restricted access   Volume 50, Number 4, December 1998

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From: American Quarterly

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Dissertation Abstracts: 1997-1998

pp. 892-916


China Men, United States v. Wong Kim Ark, and the Question of Citizenship

pp. 689-717

Someone's in the Garden with Eve: Race, Religion, and the American Fall

pp. 718-744

Fashioning Political Identities: Cultural Studies and the Historical Construction of Political Subjects

pp. 745-782


Linking the Secondary Schools and the University: American Studies as a Collaborative Public Enterprise

pp. 783-808

Exhibition Review

Exhibition Review: Out of Step: Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum

pp. 809-830

Book Reviews

Fabulous shadows: rethinking the Emersonian tradition

pp. 831-839

Not just a guy's club anymore

pp. 840-848

Writing modern women's lives

pp. 849-859

Captivity canons

pp. 860-867

Television on the new frontier

pp. 868-874

Selling the past/co-opting history: Colonial Williamsburg as republican Disneyland

pp. 875-884

From the poetry front

pp. 885-891