restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, Summer 2000

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From: Research in African Literatures

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p. 240

Notes on Contributors

pp. 241-242


Hidden Stories and the Light of the New Day: A Zulu Manuscript and Its Place in South African Writing Now

pp. 1-16

Mythology, Magic Realism, and White Writing after Apartheid

pp. 17-28

Carnival as an Embedded Narrative in Mbulelo Mzamane's Short Stories

pp. 29-48

Geography, Literature, and the African Territory: Some Observations on the Western Map and the Representation of Territory in the South African Literary Imagination

pp. 49-70

Autofiction and Cheikh Hamidou Kane's L'aventure ambigue

pp. 71-90

The Myth of Ruben

pp. 91-116

Fact and Fiction in God's Bits of Wood

pp. 117-131

Mariama Ba's Une si longue lettre and Subverting a Mythology of Sex-Based Oppression

pp. 132-150

The Co-Centrality of Racial Conciliation in Negritude Literature

pp. 151-162


Theoretical Construction and Constructive Theorizing on the Execution of Ikemefuna in Achebe's Things Fall Apart: A Study in Critical Dualism

pp. 163-173


Charlotte-Arrisoa Rafenomanjato Speaks to Carole Beckett

pp. 174-178

Review Essays

The Postcolony as Trope: Searching for a Lost Continent in a Borderless World

pp. 179-193

Traveling Theory: Ngugi's Return to English

pp. 194-209

Book Reviews

Chinua Achebe: A Biography, and: Chinua Achebe und Joyce Cary. Ein postkoloniales Rewriting englischer Afrika-Fiktionen (review)

pp. 210-213

Aime Cesaire (review)

pp. 213-214

J.M. Coetzee (review)

pp. 214-216

Ngugi and African Post-Colonial Narrative: The Novel as Oral Narrative in Multi-Genre Performance (review)

pp. 216-217

New Directions in African Fiction, and: Contemporary African Fiction (review)

pp. 217-221

Historical Thought and Literary Representation in West Indian Literature (review)

pp. 221-224

Les epopees d'Afrique noire (review)

pp. 224-225

Magical Realism in West African Fiction: Seeing with a Third Eye (review)

pp. 226-228

Osun Seegesi: The Elegant Deity of Wealth, Power, and Femininity (review)

pp. 228-232

Race and the Enlightenment: A Reader (review)

pp. 232-233

Maps of Englishness: Writing Identity in the Culture of Colonialism (review)

pp. 233-234

Islands and Exiles: The Creole Identities of Post/Colonial Literature (review)

pp. 234-235

Colonial Inscriptions: Race, Sex, and Class in Kenya (review)

pp. 235-236

Cultural Institutions of the Novel (review)

pp. 236-237

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa: Archaeology, History, Languages, Cultures, and Environments (review)

pp. 238-239