restricted access   Number 30 (Volume 13, Number 3), November 2009

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Relating the Francophone Caribbean

Guest Editors: Martin Munro and Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw

Islands of Créolité?

pp. vii-x

Relating the Francophone Caribbean

Globalization and Political Action in the Work of Edouard Glissant

pp. 1-11

From Fanon to Glissant: A Martinican Genealogy

pp. 12-24

Edouard Glissant and the Art of Memory

pp. 25-36

“We are all related”: Edouard Glissant Meets Octavia Butler

pp. 37-50

Haïti en scène! Renaissance de la trilogie romanesque Amour, colère et folie sur la scène théâtrale internationale

pp. 51-62

Patrick Chamoiseau and the Limits of the Aesthetics of Resistance

pp. 63-73

On Slavery, Césaire, and Relating to the World: An Interview with Patrick Chamoiseau

pp. 74-83

Visual Memory

Remembering to Reinvent One’s Future

pp. 84-92


pp. 93-99

An Artist Smuggler of Images-Matter

pp. 100-104

Memory and the Contemporary Visual Arts of the Francophone Caribbean

pp. 105-114

Fwomajé and Totem: The Beginnings and Consolidation of an Artistic Language in Martinique

pp. 115-127

Books Discussion

Hallward, or The Hidden Face of Racism

pp. 128-136

Aristide and the Politics of Democratization

pp. 137-147

Violence and Methodology: Reading Aristide in the Aftermath of 2004

pp. 148-160

Indefensible: On Aristide, Violence, and Democracy

pp. 161-173

Lyonel Trouillot, or The Fictions of Formal Democracy

pp. 174-185



pp. 186-189