restricted access   Volume 56, Number 2, April 2002

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From: Pacific Science

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Two New Species of Deep-Water Corallimorpharia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) from the Northeast Pacific, Corallimorphus denhartogi and C. pilatus

pp. 113-124

Ants of Tonga

pp. 125-135

The Nibbler Girella leonina and the Soldierfish Myripristis murdjan from Midway Atoll, First Records for the Hawaiian Islands

pp. 137-141

The Land Snails of a Small Tropical Pacific Island, Aunu'u, American Samoa

pp. 143-147

On Two Species of Kallymenia (Rhodophyta: Gigartinales: Kallymeniaceae) from the Hawaiian Islands, Central Pacific

pp. 149-162

Reproduction in an Introduced Population of the Brown Anole, Anoles sagrei, from O'ahu, Hawai'i

pp. 163-168

Mixed Siliciclastic-Skeletal Carbonate Lagoon Sediments from a High Volcanic Island, Viti Levu, Fiji, Southwest Pacific

pp. 169-189

Nonindigenous Species Introductions on Coral Reefs: A Need for Information

pp. 191-209

Hawaiian Marine Bioinvasions: A Preliminary Assessment

pp. 211-212

Distribution and Biodiversity of Australian Tropical Marine Bioinvasions

pp. 213-222

Species Introductions and Potential for Marine Pest Invasions into Tropical Marine Communities, with Special Reference to the Indo-Pacific

pp. 223-233

Do Locals Rule? Interactions between Native Intertidal Animals and a Caribbean Barnacle in Hawai'i

pp. 235-236