restricted access   Volume 1, Number 4, Winter 1998

Table of Contents

On the Intelligent Design Argument

John Angus Campbell


Intelligent Design, Darwinism, and the Philosophy of Public Education

pp. 469-502

Reinstating Design within Science

pp. 503-518

DNA by Design: An Inference to the Best Explanation for the Origin of Biological Information

pp. 519-556

Some Things in Biology Don't Make Sense in the Light of Evolution

pp. 557-563

Intelligent Design as an Alternative Explanation for the Existence of Biomolecular Machines

pp. 565-570


Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity: A Rejoinder

pp. 571-578

Intelligent Dasein

pp. 579-585

The Rhetorical Problem of Intelligent Design

pp. 587-592

The Rhetoric of Intelligent Design: Alternatives for Science and Religion

pp. 593-602

An Intelligent Person's Guide to Intelligent Design Theory

pp. 603-610

Biochemical Complexity: Emergence or Design?

pp. 611-616

Literature Review

Intelligent Design: A Look at Some of the Relevant Literature

pp. 617-637