restricted access   Volume 55, Number 3, July 2001

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From: Pacific Science

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Swimming Speed and Metabolic Rate during Routine Swimming and Simulated Diel Vertical Migration of Sergestes similis in the Laboratory

pp. 215-226

Review of the Fishes of the Genus Kuhlia (Perciformes: Kuhliidae) of the Central Pacific

pp. 227-256

Decapod Crustaceans of the Headwater Streams of Pohnpei, Eastern Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia

pp. 257-265

Rediscovery of Talehsapia annandalei (Polychaeta: Pilargidae) in Songkhla Lagoon, Thailand

pp. 267-273

Links between the Southern Oscillation Index and Hydrological Hazards on a Tropical Pacific Island

pp. 275-283

Impacts of Feral Livestock on Island Watersheds

pp. 285-289

Black Coral: History of a Sustainable Fishery in Hawai'i

pp. 291-299

Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) Sighted West of Ni'ihau, Hawai'i

pp. 301-303

Vegetative Anatomy of the New Caledonian Endemic Amborella trichopoda: Relationships with the Illiciales and Implications for Vessel Origin

pp. 305-312