Volume 55, Number 1, January 2001

Table of Contents

From: Pacific Science

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  Dark Protein Synthesis: Physiological Response to Nutrient Limitation of a Natural Phytoplankton Population

pp. 1-15

  Maximum Longevities of Rhizophora apiculata and R. mucronata Propagules

pp. 17-22

  Mite (Acari) Communities Associated with 'Ohi'a, Metrosideros polymorpha (Myrtaceae), at Hono O Na Pali and Kui'a Natural Area Reserves on Kaua'i Island, Hawaiian Islands

pp. 23-40

  First Record of Baseodiscus hemprichii (Nemertea: Baseodiscidae) on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and a New Eastern Distribution Boundary for the Species

pp. 41-42

  A New Species of Mictognathus (Acari: Halacaridae) from the Great Barrier Reef

pp. 43-46

  Four New Cardinalfishes (Perciformes: Apogonidae) from the Marquesas Islands

pp. 47-64

  Recent Records of Exotic Reptiles on Pohnpei, Eastern Caroline Islands, Micronesia

pp. 65-75

  The Somatic Chromosomes of Sophora fernandeziana (Fabaceae), an Endemic Tree from Robinson Crusoe Island

pp. 71-75

  Mollusk Habitats and Fisheries in Kiribati: An Assessment from the Gilbert Islands

pp. 77-97

  Abstracts of Papers from the Twenty-fifth Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 13-14 April 2000

pp. 99-110