restricted access   Volume 48, Number 2, 2005

Table of Contents


Masculinity, Materialism and the Introjected Self in George Moore's Mike Fletcher: "I'm weary of playing at Faust"

pp. 131-146

Henry Handel Richardson's Years in Wilhelmine Germany: The "most cultured land in Europe"?

pp. 147-163

Thomas Burke, the "Laureate of Limehouse": A New Biographical Outline

pp. 164-187

Dracula and Whitmania: "the pass-word primeval"

pp. 188-205

Book Reviews

Aesthetic Reason vs. the Anti-Aesthetic

pp. 206-209

Revising Gay Histories

pp. 209-214

Foster's Volume II: Yeats Biography

pp. 214-217

Prodigal Wit

pp. 217-220

Irish Female Activists

pp. 220-223

The British Female Detective

pp. 224-226

Twilight & Progress

pp. 227-229

Conrad's Essays

pp. 229-232

Bloomsbury, Volume 3

pp. 232-235

New Maugham Biography

pp. 236-239

Lawrence's Paul Morel

pp. 239-244

Lawrence's Paintings

pp. 244-248

Colonial Conan Doyle

pp. 248-252

Kipling Biography

pp. 252-253