restricted access   Volume 46, Number 4, 2003

Table of Contents


Remembering Edwin Gilcher

p. 355

"Balzac and the Land League": A "New" Article by George Moore

pp. 356-359

"Balzac and the Land League": The Freeman's Journal Monday, March 1, 1886

pp. 360-364

The Victorian Woman Reader in May Sinclair's Mary Olivier: Self-Stimulation, Intellectual Freedom, and Escape

pp. 365-381

Robert Louis Stevenson: Folklore and Imperialism

pp. 382-399

Mrs. W. B. Yeats: A Review Essay

pp. 400-408

Book Reviews

WW I: The Peculiar Sanity

pp. 409-412

Reconsidering the Fantasy Figure of the Girl

pp. 412-415

Victorian Illustrated Book

pp. 415-419

The Making of Many Companions

pp. 419-425

Mid-Century Corporeal Hauntings

pp. 425-428

Modernism's Cult of Ugliness

pp. 428-431

Pater & Ruskin

pp. 431-435

Ellmann's Errors & Omissions

pp. 435-437

Harold Monro

pp. 437-441

Savage Pessimist

pp. 441-445

Conrad & Illness

pp. 445-447

Essays on Gissing

pp. 448-451

Stoker: An Ambivalent Metrocolonial

pp. 451-455

Henry James

pp. 455-458

Joyce & Modernity

pp. 458-461

The Joyce Industry

pp. 461-465


pp. 466-469