restricted access   Volume 46, Number 2, 2003

Table of Contents


George Moore's Quest for Canonization and Esther Waters as Female Helpmate

pp. 117-139

Wilde's The Happy Prince and A House of Pomegranates: Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups

pp. 141-153

The Simplicity of W. H. Davies

pp. 155-174

Book Reviews

Women & Criticism in the Athenaeum

pp. 175-179

Love Letters: Woolf & Parsons

pp. 179-181

Time & the New Woman

pp. 181-184

Editing Virginia Woolf

pp. 184-188

Woolf: The Visible vs. the Writeable

pp. 188-191

The Literature of the Great War

pp. 191-195

Algernon Blackwood

pp. 195-199

Hardy's Novels

pp. 199-203

Huysmans & the Decadence

pp. 203-206

Henry James Filmed

pp. 206-210

James's Letters to Younger Men

pp. 210-215

Science & Modernist Literature

pp. 215-218

Ulysses: A Textual Explication

pp. 218-222

The Working Classes

p. 223


p. 224