restricted access   Volume 45, Number 3, 2002

Table of Contents


Female Celibacy in the Fiction of Gissing and Dixon: The Silent Strike of the Suburbanites

pp. 259-279

H. W. Nevinson, Margaret Nevinson, Evelyn Sharp: Little-Known Writers and Crusaders

pp. 280-305

An Intriguing Mystery: How Did Editor Harold Monro Come to Know Poet Anna Wickham?

pp. 306-321

Book Reviews

Magical Thinking & "Teletechnologies"

pp. 322-324

Economics & Aesthetics

pp. 324-327

Ethics & the Novel, 1880-1914

pp. 327-331

Complete Works of Wilde

pp. 331-334

Reinventing the Victorians

pp. 334-337

New Wilde Anthology

pp. 338-343

W. S. Gilbert

pp. 343-346

T. E. Lawrence Bibliography

pp. 346-348

That Icon: Woolf

pp. 348-352

Contrasting Readings

pp. 352-355

Yeats Annual

pp. 356-358

Hardy's Emma Poems

pp. 358-359

Essays on Joyce

pp. 359-363

China's "Yes" to Molly Bloom

pp. 363-366

Semicolonial Joyce

pp. 366-370

Politicized Joyce: Between Egoism & Hospitality

pp. 370-372


pp. 373-375