restricted access   Volume 45, Number 1, 2002

Table of Contents


The Death of Euphues: Euphuism and Decadence in Late-Victorian Literature

pp. 4-25

The Platonic Eros of Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde: "Love's Reflected Image" in the 1890s

pp. 26-45

Dorothy Richardson and Her Sister: More Letters and Biography

pp. 46-49

Dorothy Richard's Letters to Jessie Hale: From Radcliffe and from Notes by Gloria Glikin [Fromm]

pp. 49-57

Jessie Hale: Letters to Rose Odle (Radcliffe Institute)

pp. 57-64

Book Reviews

Amy Levy: Life & Letters

pp. 65-69

Two from 1890s Society

pp. 69-73

Decadence & Victorians Anthologies

pp. 73-76

Teaching Us How To See

pp. 76-79

London: Victorian Babylon

pp. 79-83

Marital Violence

pp. 83-86

Essays on Hardy

pp. 87-89

Haunted Hardy

pp. 90-94

Hardy's Landscapes

pp. 94-97

Hardy's Poetry

pp. 97-100

Next Stop: Modernism

pp. 100-104

Watt on Conrad

pp. 104-106

Lawrence & the Bible

pp. 107-109

Where to Live?

pp. 109-111

Two on Shaw

pp. 111-115

The London Urban Jungle & Empire

pp. 115-119

Mapping Male (Homo)Sexuality

pp. 119-122

Loss is Gain: Gender in Joyce

pp. 123-127