restricted access   Volume 44, Number 3, 2001

Table of Contents


Arthur Symons as Critic of the Visual Arts

pp. 260-274

The Master: Reclaiming Zangwill's Only Künstlerroman

pp. 275-296

The Revisionary Role of Gender in R. L. Stevenson's New Arabian Nights and Prince Otto: Revolution in a "Poison Bad World"

pp. 297-319

A New Reading of the Anglo-Indian Women's Novel, 1880-1894: Passages to India, Passages to Womanhood

pp. 320-341

Book Reviews

Ruskin's Later Years

pp. 342-345

New Biography on Moore

pp. 345-350

New T. E. Lawrence Biography

pp. 350-353

Exorcising "Dorian"

pp. 353-358

Gladstone, Volume II

pp. 358-360

May Sinclair: A Biography

pp. 360-364

Biography Today

pp. 364-368

Women's Writing on WW I

pp. 368-371

Women & Aestheticism

pp. 371-374

Letters of Rebecca West

pp. 374-377

Conrad & Women

pp. 377-381

Unmanning Conrad

pp. 381-385

Consent for the Boer War

pp. 385-388

Joyce's Effects

pp. 388-391

Joyce's Comic Portrait

pp. 391-394

Virginia Woolf Now

pp. 394-396

Woolf's Essays

pp. 397-399