restricted access   Volume 41, Number 1, 1998

Table of Contents


Editor's Fence

pp. 4-5

Self-Plagiarism, Creativity and Craftsmanship in Oscar Wilde

pp. 6-23

Love's Mirror: Constance Naden and Reflections on a Feminist Poetics

pp. 25-41

Sublimation and the Over-Mind in H.D.'s "Notes on Thought and Vision"

pp. 42-57

Some Unpublished Wilde Letters

pp. 58-64

Book Reviews

Edwardian Theatre

pp. 65-68

Shaw's Book Reviews

pp. 68-72

Kipling on Writing

pp. 72-74

James Biography

pp. 75-76

Essays on Hardy

pp. 77-80

Wilde: Diverse Traditions of Popular Culture

pp. 80-83

The Subversive, Revolutionary Wilde?

pp. 83-87

Holmes & Social Order

pp. 87-90

Dora Marsden & Early Modernism

pp. 91-94

Woolf's "The Hours"

pp. 94-98

Essays on Woolf

pp. 98-101

Finnegans Wake & Narrative Design

pp. 101-105

Joyce & Jewish Identity

pp. 105-108

Sex, Culture, Joyce

pp. 108-111

Essays on Lawrence

pp. 111-114

Lawrence & Comedy

pp. 114-118

Origins of Free Verse

pp. 118-121

Books Received

Books Received

p. 122



pp. 123-127