restricted access   Volume 40, Number 4, 1997

Table of Contents


W. E. Gladstone's Reception of Robert Elsmere: A Critical Re-evaluation

pp. 389-397

Defending the Realm: Domestic Space and Mass Cultural Contamination in Howards End and An Englishman's Home

pp. 398-423

Watson Falls Asleep: Narrative Frustration and Sherlock Holmes

pp. 424-436

Wise and the Trial Book Fallacy: Review Essay

pp. 437-447

Book Reviews

Roger Fry

pp. 448-452

Mansfield's Letters

pp. 452-456

Lawrence Reference Companion

pp. 456-459

Cambridge Edition, Kangaroo

pp. 459-464

Woolf Philosophical

pp. 464-466

Gissing Letters, 9

pp. 466-469

Fin-de-Siècle Illustrated Books

pp. 469-472

Laurence Binyon

pp. 472-476

Hardy's Lyrics

pp. 477-480

Conan Doyle's Science Fiction

pp. 481-483

Joyce Between the Lines

pp. 483-487

Joyce & Epiphanies

pp. 487-490

James & Biography

pp. 490-494

James New York Edition

pp. 494-497

Stoker & the Culture of His Times

pp. 497-500

Shaw's Novels

pp. 501-503

Essays on Yeats

pp. 503-507

Books Received

Books Received

p. 507



pp. 508-511