restricted access   Volume 40, Number 3, 1997

Table of Contents


Variations on the Oxford Temper: Swinburne, Pater and Botticelli

pp. 260-274

"Time Hath No Power Against Identity": Historical Continuity and Archaeological Adventure in H. Rider Haggard's She

pp. 275-297

Anthologizing Algernon: The Problem of Swinburne's Later Poetry

pp. 299-309

Popular Wilde: A Review Essay

pp. 310-316

Book Reviews

An Infinity of Anguish

pp. 317-320

Ford Madox Ford Biography

pp. 321-324

A Peculiar Biography: George Moore

pp. 325-329

Literary Biography

pp. 329-332

Stevenson as Proto-Modernist

pp. 332-335

Robert Louis Stevenson

pp. 335-338

Pound & the Victorians

pp. 338-341

Yeats's Vision

pp. 341-345

Shaw & Lady Gregory

pp. 345-347

Lady Gregory's Diaries

pp. 348-350

Postcolonial Conrad

pp. 350-353

Cultured, Popular, and All About Joyce

pp. 353-358

Fierce Feminism in Finnegans Wake

pp. 358-361

Joyce's Dubliners

pp. 361-364

W. Somerset Maugham

pp. 364-367

Eleven Ways of Looking at Hopkins

pp. 367-370

John Davidson Redivivus

pp. 370-373

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 373-374



pp. 375-383