restricted access   Volume 40, Number 1, 1997

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

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Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett's New Amazonia: Gender Equity, Science, Utopia

pp. 6-20

"Murder in My Soul": Genre and Ethos in Zangwill's The Big Bow Mystery

pp. 23-33

Revaluing Women and Marriage in Robert Louis Stevenson's Short Fiction

pp. 34-59

The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson: A Review Essay

pp. 60-68

Book Reviews

Liberal Guilt in the English Novel

pp. 69-72

Shaw & Freudian Games

pp. 72-77

Emma & Florence Hardy Letters

pp. 77-80

Eminent Georgians

pp. 80-83

Literature of the Great War

pp. 83-86

A Controversial Wells Biography

pp. 86-89

Eliot & Modernism

pp. 89-92

Baroque Pound

pp. 92-95

British Novels Without End

pp. 95-98

Assessing the Cambridge Lawrence Edition

pp. 98-102

Joyce & Post-Colonialism

pp. 102-104

Guide to Modernisms

pp. 105-107

Modernism & Censorship

pp. 107-111

Poetry & Traditions

pp. 111-115

Letters of Edward Thomas

pp. 115-118

Gerald Massey

pp. 118-121

Maugham's Characters

pp. 121-123

Books Received

Books Received

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