restricted access   Volume 39, Number 4, 1996

Table of Contents


"Down With the Door, Poole": Designating Deviance in Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

pp. 412-429

Robertson and Shaw: An "Unreasonable Friendship"

pp. 431-449

Suffrage Fiction: A Political Discourse in the Marketplace

pp. 450-461

Book Reviews

Letters of William Morris

pp. 463-467

Morris Biography

pp. 468-470

The Mask without the Face

pp. 470-474

Beardsley: Transcending the Decade

pp. 474-478

Cambridge Lawrence

pp. 478-482

Modernism & Feminist Criticism

pp. 482-487

Two on Elizabeth Robins

pp. 487-490

Auerbach & Vampires

pp. 491-494

Forster & Formalism

pp. 494-497

The Ruling Passion

pp. 497-500

Shaw Correspondence

pp. 501-504

Barrie & Synge

pp. 504-507

Joyce, Justice, Difference

pp. 507-510

The Economies of Ulysses

pp. 510-514

Buchan Edition

pp. 514-517

James and Non-Fiction

pp. 518-522

An Exhibition

pp. 522-523

Victorian Biography Checklist

pp. 523-525

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 525-526



pp. 526-531