restricted access   Volume 39, Number 2, 1996

Table of Contents


Pièces d'identité: T. S. Eliot, J. W. N. Sullivan and Poetic Impersonality

pp. 149-170

"Munitions of the Mind": Travel Writing, Imperial Discourse and Great War Propaganda by Mrs. Humphry Ward

pp. 171-192

"A Scandal in Bohemia" and Sherlock Holmes's Ultimate Mystery Solved

pp. 193-203

The Man Who Wrote The Blue Lagoon: Stacpoole's Pastoral Center

pp. 205-220

Book Reviews

Hardy on Stage

pp. 221-225

Forster: A Literary Life

pp. 225-228

Revised Twayne: George Gissing

pp. 228-231

Yeats & Family

pp. 231-236

Woolf as a Moment of Vision

pp. 236-238

Conrad's First Novel Authenticated

pp. 238-241

Hardy Essays

pp. 241-244

Essays on Hardy

pp. 244-246

The British in Africa

pp. 247-250

Joyce & the Burden of Disease

pp. 250-253

Joyce & Nationalism

pp. 253-258

Ulysses as Stephen's Novel

pp. 258-259

Woolf, Joyce & Co-Consciousness

pp. 259-263

Wilde Companion

pp. 263-266

1890s Editions, Continued

pp. 266-270

Late Victorian Poetry

pp. 270-272

Lord Dunsany

pp. 272-275

Literature of the Gaelic Revival

pp. 275-277


pp. 278-280