restricted access   Volume 39, Number 1, 1996

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

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The Economies of Taste: Literary Markets and Literary Value in the Late Nineteenth Century

pp. 7-18

Missing Sex in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage

pp. 20-38

Breaking the Quiet Surface: The Shorter Poems of Mary Coleridge

pp. 41-62

A Twisted Romance: Abduction and Rape in Stanley John Weyman's The Castle Inn

pp. 63-72

Book Reviews

Richardson's Letters

pp. 73-77

Death & Modernism

pp. 77-80

Subject of Modernism

pp. 80-85

James & French Contexts

pp. 85-88

Essays on Forster

pp. 88-91

Lawrence & Italy

pp. 91-95

Joyce & History

pp. 95-98

New Criticism & Contemporary Theory

pp. 98-102

The Yeats Annuals

pp. 102-108

1890s Editions, Continued

pp. 108-113

Wilde's Earnest & Other Plays

pp. 113-115

The Clarendon Pinero Edition

pp. 116-119

When All Roads Lead to Empire

pp. 119-123

Woolf & Lessing

pp. 123-128

T. E. Lawrence's Criticism

pp. 128-130

Two on Oliphant

pp. 130-134

Portrait of a Critic

pp. 134-137

Books Received

Books Received

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