restricted access   Volume 38, Number 2, 1995

Table of Contents


Emerging Views of Byzantium, 1850-1930: Germs of the Modern and Its Paradoxes

pp. 157-167

The Case of the Split Self: George Moore's Debt to Schopenhauer in Esther Waters

pp. 169-185

New James Joyce Texts: A Review Essay

pp. 187-194

"Why Edit Anything at All?" Textual Editing and Postmodernism: A Review Essay

pp. 195-203

Book Reviews

Edwardian Bloomsbury

pp. 205-208

Letters of Vanessa Bell

pp. 208-211

Yeats's Love Poetry

pp. 211-216

Yeats's Poetry

pp. 216-218

A Conrad Biography

pp. 219-222

Hardy's Language

pp. 222-225

James's Letters to Miss Allen

pp. 225-227

Henry James

pp. 227-230

Women Reading

pp. 230-233

Women in Ireland

pp. 233-235

Women's History

pp. 235-237

Arthur Machen Letters

pp. 238-240

1890s Editions, Continued

pp. 240-243

Shaw and Proverbs

pp. 243-248

Pinero: Life in the Theatre

pp. 248-252

Gilbert & Sullivan

pp. 252-255

Antimodernism & Joyce's Portrait

pp. 256-260

Joyce's The Dead

pp. 260-264

Two on Joyce

pp. 264-267

Intellectuals versus the Masses

pp. 267-270

A New Secondary Bibliography of Wilde

pp. 270-273

Dunsany's Works Catalogued

pp. 273-276

Books Received

Books Received

p. 276



pp. 277-280