restricted access   Volume 38, Number 1, 1995

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

pp. 4-5


pp. 5-6


Oscar Wilde's Translation of Petronius: The Story of a Literary Hoax

pp. 9-49

Walter Pater and the Ruskinian Gentleman

pp. 51-69

Shaw on London Dramaturgy: A Review Essay

pp. 70-81

Book Reviews

Gissing Letters, V

pp. 83-86

Hardy Notebook

pp. 86-89

Hardy on Video

pp. 89-91

Vita and Virginia

pp. 91-94

James's Travel Writings

pp. 94-96

Essays on Mansfield

pp. 96-99

Turn-of-the-Century Romance

pp. 99-102

The Stoker Canon

pp. 102-105

The Yellow Book: A Fresh Look

pp. 105-107

Graves & Sassoon

pp. 107-113

Siegfried Sassoon

pp. 113-115

Reprints of 1890s Editions

pp. 116-118

Wilde and Aesthetics

pp. 118-121

Maud Gonne and Yeats

pp. 121-124

Bloomsbury Diary

pp. 124-129

The Cornell Yeats

pp. 129-131

Lawrence, Film Theory & Literature

pp. 131-134

Two On Lawrence

pp. 134-139

Victorian Periodicals and Society

pp. 140-142

Neglected Irish Poet

pp. 142-144

New Biography on Thomson

pp. 144-147

Books Received

Books Received

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