restricted access   Volume 37, Number 4, 1994

Table of Contents


Breaking with the Conventions: Victorian Confession Novels and Tess of the D'Urbervilles

pp. 445-462

Domestic Violence: The Simple Tale within The Secret Agent

pp. 465-489

Ethnography in the East End: Native Customs and Colonial Solutions in A Child of the Jago

pp. 490-501

The Oxford Sherlock Holmes: A Review Essay

pp. 502-508

Book Reviews

James and Macmillan

pp. 509-511

James and Philosophy

pp. 511-515

Tourism and Literature

pp. 515-520

Owen's Voices

pp. 521-527

Virginia Woolf: New Critical Approaches

pp. 527-531

Leslie Stephen

pp. 531-534

Missing Persons

pp. 534-538

Henry Newbolt

pp. 538-541

Hardy and the Study of Mankind

pp. 541-544

Closet Imperialists

pp. 544-548

Curriculum Battleground

pp. 548-552

Thematic Criticism

pp. 552-555

A Lawrencean Cosmology

pp. 556-559

William Archer Biography

pp. 559-562

Shaw 13

pp. 562-564

The "Rich, Weird World" of Women's Fairy Tales

pp. 565-569

The Psychomythic Tale

pp. 569-571

British Science Fiction

pp. 571-574

A Wellsian Classic Edited

pp. 574-575

Modernist Fiction

pp. 575-581

Kipling and Empire

pp. 581-584

Joyce's Chamber Music

pp. 585-587

Rider Haggard Biography

pp. 587-591

Science and Literature

pp. 591-596

Books Received

pp. 596-598