restricted access   Volume 37, Number 3, 1994

Table of Contents


Rediscovering the Novels of Mary and Jane Findlater

pp. 285-301

Schopenhauerian Pessimism in Olive Schreiner's A Story of an African Farm and From Man to Man

pp. 303-306

Stevenson on Poe: Unpublished Annotations of Numerous Poe Texts and a Stevenson Letter

pp. 317-349

Hudson's Norfolk Connection: A Note on a Visit to "Near Farm"

pp. 350-354

Book Reviews

Forster Biography

pp. 355-360

Wells Under Siege

pp. 360-363

Robert Louis Stevenson

pp. 363-366

Rose Macaulay

pp. 366-370

The War Poets

pp. 370-374

Hardy's Stories

pp. 374-377

Holmes: Stories and Commentary

pp. 377-380

Publishing and the Late Victorian Novel

pp. 380-384

Victorian Yellowbacks

pp. 385-387

Mansfield: A Question of Audience

pp. 387-390

The New Woman and Her Sisters

pp. 390-393

Underside of English Fiction

pp. 393-396

Somerset Maugham

pp. 396-398

Editing as a Duet

pp. 398-401

Survival Guide for Women in Academia

pp. 401-405

Narratives of Commensuration

pp. 405-408

Modern Cultural Theorists

pp. 408-414

Cambridge Edition: Sons and Lovers

pp. 414-418

Creativity and Beliefs

pp. 418-421

The Many Voices of Conrad

pp. 421-424

Motif of Return in Joyce

pp. 424-429

Music in Joyce

pp. 429-433

Joyce's Grandfathers

pp. 433-435

Two on Joyce

pp. 435-438

Books Received

pp. 438-439