restricted access   Volume 37, Number 2, 1994

Table of Contents


The Ambivalence of Influence: The Case of Mary Ward and Charlotte Yonge

pp. 141-154

Rider Haggard's Neglected Journal: "Diary of an African Visit"

pp. 155-161

Organizing Organicism: J. A. Hobson and the Interregnum of Raymond Williams

pp. 162-191

Sources of the Modern Imagination, II: A Review Essay

pp. 192-207

Book Reviews

Gissing Letters IV

pp. 208-211

Mansfield Letters, III

pp. 211-215

Black Tears

pp. 215-220

Wells's Doctor Moreau

pp. 220-224

Hardy and Literary Theory

pp. 224-226

Hardy's Hidden Text

pp. 226-229

Helen and Olivia Rossetti

pp. 229-231

Auden's Poetry

pp. 231-234

Consciousness in Modern Poetry

pp. 234-237

Two Views of Modernism

pp. 237-242

Yeats Shaping Reality

pp. 242-246

Anglo-Arabian Travel Writers

pp. 246-251

An 1890s Encyclopedia

pp. 251-253

Womanhood in Texts and Paintings

pp. 253-257

Precursors of Modern Poetry

pp. 257-260

Eurocentric Representations of India

pp. 260-264

Success in Circuit Lies

pp. 264-268

Vitalism and/or Nihilism: Two Lawrenceans

pp. 269-274

Scholes and Joyce

pp. 274-277

An Irish Politician

pp. 277-279

Books Received

pp. 279-280