restricted access   Volume 36, Number 4, 1993

Table of Contents


Text and Context in John Gray's Park: Prester John's "Black Mischief"

pp. 413-427

The Aesthetics of Exile: Wilde Transforming Dante in Intentions and De Profundis

pp. 429-450

Beauty Lent: An Exhibition of Works from the Horne Foundation

pp. 453-465

The Legacy of Sarah Grand's The Heavenly Twins: A Review Essay

pp. 467-478

Book Reviews

The 1890s: Dynamic or Decadent?

pp. 479-482

Pinion's Hardy Biography

pp. 482-489

Studies of Two Hardy Novels

pp. 489-492

Two on Forster

pp. 492-494

New Biography: Lawrence of Arabia

pp. 495-498

Woolf: The Multiplicity of Self and Art

pp. 498-501

A Biography of Beatrice Webb

pp. 501-503

Women of the Transition

pp. 503-507

A Hopkins Biography

pp. 507-512

The Question of Literary History

pp. 512-515

"Politics by Other Means"

pp. 516-520

Essays on Shaw

pp. 520-524

Shaw Annual, Volume 12

pp. 525-527

Wells's Short Fiction

pp. 528-529

Lawrence and Typology

pp. 529-532

Lawrence's Language of Heaven and Earth

pp. 532-535

Lawrence, Language and Being

pp. 535-539

Joyce's Ireland

pp. 539-542

Books Received

p. 543